Refund & Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy:

The contentment of our customers is the most important aspect of our work, and we go above and beyond to guarantee it. Even our cancellation and refund policy for digital marketing services is extremely straightforward here at ArgusDNA, and it varies from service to service depending on what we have to offer.

How is the cancellation procedure?

  1. Send us your cancellation request by telephone, email, or fax
  2. Our accounts and billing department is the one that will be in charge of collecting it.
  3. A response from us that confirms your request will be sent to you. The request will continue to be denied until that time.
  4. The email that we send you in response will be deemed verification that the service has been cancelled.

NoteIn order to cancel their order, customers have five days after placing their order to submit their cancellation request. ArgusDNA will only take it into consideration if the project has not yet gotten off the ground.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

If you decide to cancel our services within the first five days after making the payment, we will provide a refund in its whole.

If you decide to cancel our services after the initial 5-day trial period, you will be responsible for paying a fee that is proportional to the number of working hours that have been invested in the project. Within forty-five days of the cancellation, the remaining money will be refunded to the same account that was used to make the initial payment.

It is important to remember to cancel any service renewals at least ten days before the beginning of the subsequent paying cycle.

In the event that cancellations are made after the beginning of the billing cycle, a sum that is equivalent to the number of working hours invested into the project during that month will be billable, and the clients will have the obligation to pay for those hours.

In the event that you subscribed to our services but did not make use of them, you are still obligated to make payment to us.

Within forty-five days of the service being cancelled, the refunded money will be credited to the same account that was used to make the original payment.

SEO Refund Policy

In the event that any of the following occur, ArgusDNA will not be responsible for providing a refund or a promise of a top search ranking:

  • Link building, which is a component of SEO, is carried out based on the information you offer us. In the event that there is an effect on SEO ranking as a result of changes in the ranking algorithm, policies, or functionality of search engines. In the event that the URLs that you provide are inaccurate, we will not be responsible for any errors that may have been caused as a result, and there will be no refunds or guarantees of money returned.
  • If the client uses the services of any other third-party SEO company, ArgusDNA will not be held accountable for the results of the SEO campaign.

An immediate change in the search ranking cannot be guaranteed because the number of times and the rank at which a website appears on the search list can vary, and as a result, an immediate change in the search ranking cannot be guaranteed. • Any adverse effect on ranking caused by changes in website content made by the client or a third-party service provider hired by them.

There is no assurance that using our SEO services will place the customer’s website among the top ten results returned by a search. However, you should be aware that we strive hard to serve your best interests and make every attempt possible to deliver outcomes that are truly lucrative for you. Our goal is to make your life easier while also increasing the profits of your business.

Our refund policy for digital marketing services:

As experts, we are known for our ability to keep things very straight. We never make a promise that we cannot keep. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality service.

When it comes to our policy on refunds for search engine optimization and other services, we do not offer any type of reimbursement for orders that are cancelled. If the project is being worked on manually, there will be no money returned at the end of the process.

Let us inform you that the algorithms that search engines use to determine page rank and robot behaviour are always being updated. There is not a single professional marketing firm that has any influence over those alterations. As a result, we are unable to guarantee any certain outcome for our customers, nor can we honour any refund requests related to that outcome.

However, Argusdna guarantees that your websites and other pages will continue to be optimised in accordance with the most recent algorithms by utilising the most recent strategies. We are aware of the many search engine optimization strategies, and as a result, we will be able to offer you a performance of your brand that is noticeable online.

Through the digital transformation of your company, we will engage your customers in every region of the world to increase your company’s profitability and efficiency.

* ArgusDNA retains the right to alter the aforementioned cancellation and refund policy at any time and for any reason, without providing any advance warning.

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